Home and Kitchen Plastic Free Products that are Environment Friendly, made from sustainable materials, to reduce your plastics use and to live a life plastic free.
Why go plastic free? Since it was introduced as cheap and reliable way to make many different types of products the human race has produced such incredible amounts of plastic that has built up over the years into a global environmental problem. More than 40 percent of plastic is used only once and around 91% percent of plastic is not recycled. This means it can only be burned, damaging the environment further, placed in landfill to remain for many years or littering natural environment.

An example you will see on TV is that over 8 million tons of plastic products are thrown into the ocean every year, most of these are single use like plastic water bottles and food wrappers. The ocean is seen as an easy way to discard plastic products and then just forget about it. However, this is destroying habitats and suffocating, trapping, and killing ocean wildlife. If we do not take action now, it is predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. That should scare everyone into doing something, if the oceans die life on Earth will die.
Luckily, many countries, businesses, and individuals have taken note of the severity of the situation, and have started taking various measures to protect the planet.

But for those measures to really make an impact, everyone needs to get involved. You can make a change, starting today, to reduce your plastic usage, encourage more secondary use of plastic products and recycle more so plastic can be discarded into the environment. Buying reusable shopping bags, plastic free food wrappers, metal straws and all manner of environmentally friendly products can start to make a difference. Check out the plastic free products below and start on your journey to a life that is plastic free.

Reusable Glass Straws Reduce Single Use Plastic Waste
Buy Reusable Metal Straws and Help Reduce Single Use Plastic Waste, these metal straws are easy to clean and reuse another time, reducing plastic straw waste.

Reusable Glass Straws Reduce Single Use Plastic Waste

Plastic straws are one of the most common types of single-use plastic and contribute towards unnecessary plastic pollution. It is estimated that over 5 hundred million straws are used each…

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ECOVER Eco Friendly Cleaning Products
ECOVER Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Washing Clothes Dishes

ECOVER Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

In 1979, seeing the damage to waterways and aquatic life caused by phosphates and other cleaning chemicals, a bunch of Belgian hippy scientists decide to find a cleaner way. Starting…

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