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Life Plastic Free Save the Environment and Planet

Why go Plastic Free and try to establish a plastic free life for yourself and your children? Since it was introduced as cheap and reliable way to make many different types of products the human race has produced such incredible amounts of plastic that has built up over the years into a global environmental problem.

Did you know that more than 40 percent of plastic is used only once? Also around 91 percent of plastic is not recycled. This means it can only be burned, damaging the environment further, placed in landfill to remain for many years to come or the biggest problem, littering natural environments.

For instance, over 8 million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean every year. The ocean is seen as an easy way to discard plastic products and forget about it. However, this is destroying habitats and suffocating, trapping, and killing ocean wildlife.

We may not directly see the catastrophic effect it has on the planet and animals because many of us live in areas that are kept clean, but many underprivileged communities all over the world are forced to endure the adverse effects of plastic pollution every day. Plastic pollution isn’t just an environmental problem anymore. We’re on the edge of a global plastic calamity.

Making a Change – Life Plastic Free

If we don’t take action, it is predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. That should scare everyone into doing something, if the oceans die life on Earth will die. Ok, an easy solution is to say “it will never affect me as I will be dead by then” however if we do not make a change not your children and their children face a bleak future.

Luckily, many countries, businesses, and individuals have taken note of the severity of the situation, and have started taking various measures to protect the planet.

But for those measures to really make an impact, everyone needs to get involved.

Starting a Life Plastic Free

It is a fact that plastic will never be eradicated however if we can reduce usage, use products more than once, recycle old plastic products to make new ones then things will slowly improve. A quick way to make a difference is buying reusable shopping carrier bags or reusable produce bags. Take them to the supermarket, fill with loose fruit and veg, weight at the tills, then take them home to wash and reuse. The alternative is loads of extra single use plastic going in the bin.

You can make a change, starting today, to reduce your plastic usage, encourage more secondary use of plastic products and recycle more so plastic can be discarded into the environment. Plastic free beauty items are also available including eco-friendly makeup removers, plastic free skincare products including soaps and shampoos. Try to rearrange your kitchen by using plastic free, eco friendly, food storage solutions. You can also make a big difference at the supermarket with plastic free vegetable bags and shopping bags.

Buy Plastic Free Products for a Better Life

On this web site we have created a number of plastic free products that you can by today and make a change to life, the community, environment and the Planet. This could be reusable shopping bags, plastic free food wrappers, reusable metal straws, bamboo toothbrushes, eco friendly beauty items and all manner of environmentally friendly products. Use the menu above and on the right to search out these new products and start a life plastic free.